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The countdown is on for this epic weekend!
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From 19th to 21st July 2024

Amsterdam Sensual Dance Fest is about gathering all the bachata lovers and spending the weekend together like a big family!

This is how the idea was born and has existed since August 2022! From the concept of getting together like a big family around a table for a big meal, we wanted to have all the dancers reunite after this unfortunate pandemic that impacted our community! A continuous growing circle through all the editions we had so far!

A whole weekend where all the bachateras and bachateros from all over the world meet, learn, share meals, drinks, chats and enjoy dancing!

Edition 4

19, 20, 21 July 2024

Luismi & Mariangela, Abdel & Lety, Kike & Nahir, Daniel & Tom, Igor & Gloria, Issam & Charlott, Raul & Reyes, Carlos & Paz, Pep & Marina, William & Irene, Robinson & Larissa, Masa & Jessica, Oscar & Raquel, Zuri & Christina, Xi & Alina, Wilkin Olivero, Geno & Demi, Ric Banks, Jesus & Maria, Suzanne & Aitana, Mateo & Juanita, Noor, Sebas Garreta, DJ Clau, DJ Ramon, DJ Husky, DJ Abdeloo, Silvio Pasquarella, Pablo Rios.

Edition 3

21, 22, 23 July 2023

Magda & Valeria, Antoni & Belen, Willy & Noura, Arian Ros & Angelica, Chris & Laia, Pep & Marina, Carlos & Paz, Masa & Jessica, Issam & Charlott, Xi & Alina, Geno & Steffie, Zuri & Christina, Bob & Barbara, Dylan & Joy, Oscar & Raquel, DJ Mauro, DJ Ramon, DJ Clau, DJ Dimen5ions, DJ Bripa, DJ Abdeloo, Silvio Pasquarella.

Edition 2

10, 11, 12 February 2023

Abdel & Lety, Daniel & Tom, Alfredo & Andrea, Cornel & Rithika, Chris & Laila, Luismi & Mariangela, Pep & Marina, William & Irene, Geno & Meike, Anita & Vaera, Juanma, Linda & Fiorella, Issam & Charlott, DJ Clau, DJ Ramon, DJ Tony Pecino, DJ Abdeloo, DJ Bripa, Silvio Pasquarella.

Edition 1

5, 6, 7 August 2022

Abdel & Lety, Daniel & Tom, Igor & Rocio, Melvin & Gatica, Jorge & Aroa, Pep & Marina, Chris Well & Miriam Toca, Oscar & Raquel, Issam & Charlott, Sakis & Marta, Masa & Jessica, Fiorella & Linda, DJ Maikiu, DJ Ramon, DJ Abdeloo, DJ Daaf, Kasanoba DJ, Photomas.